Posts from June 2009

Do You Want to Leave Footprints?

While leaving knowing who is coming to you site or blog is incredibly useful, do you want to let everyone know? On one hand there is the school of thought that there is the social aspect of your website. For many this is a no brainer. If you run a great food blog or some […]

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Measure ROI: Ask Permission, Then Pointed questions in a less than expected place

Online Marketing ROI measurement is becoming increasingly ambiguous. However television marketing has always been intangible when it comes to ROI. They have to create Nielsen reports to measure viewership (that’s changing now with digital cable). JetBlue has worked hard to change their reputation on and offline. I recently flew Jet Blue down to Orlando and […]

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Best Profile Picture/Avatar Ever: You are four questions and a few commandments away from it.

Profile Pics and Avatars are those details often glided over One of the most important parts to Online Reputation Management and Social Media probably is the least focused part most of the professional’s online presence. The Avatar, or profile picture is your signature. It should not only represent you but you should represent it. What […]

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