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Beware of fraudulent pay-per-click services!

A few services, from both small and big companies, have been accused lately of fraudulent practices when selling PPC (pay-per-click) advertising services. Some have complained that they were completely unaware that the services they were signing up for were indeed PPC. Others have complained that, although their click quota had been filled by the company, […]

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The Groupon Strategy

Groupon has had wild success since its inception and earlier this week businesses and media were trying to make sense of this new e-mail tool.  Forbes has recently donned Groupon with the title “fastest growing company…ever.”  There have been a growing number of success stories from many businesses that have seen a surge of new clients when […]

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LinkedIn Adds New Share Button Feature

The social media network LinkedIn  has released a new Share Button feature that will allows its users to spread the word about their published content across the LinkedIn network. There are three options of Share Buttons available. First option is a vertical button with a share counter. Second, a horizontal button with a share counter. […]

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Understanding SEO: Does Hosting Affect Page Rank?

Does it matter where you domain is hosted?  Will that affect your page rank? No, It doesn’t matter who hosts your website, but it does matter WHERE your site is being hosted.  Location of your hosts servers and other elements can have a huge impact on how your website ranks on Search Engines. If you […]

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Myspace Changes Its Looks and Its Industry Focus!

Myspace is about to make an announcement with long time rival Facebook announcing, some speculate, a new platform agreement between the two formally competive social media communities. If you haven’t been on Myspace then you probably haven’t seen the complete facelift that myspace has gone through.  The social network has cleaned up its interface, improved […]

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