Posts from January 2010

Google Wave: A Few of The Features | Authentic Web Marketing

Google Wave is Google’s new communication platform software that involves email, instant messaging, project management, social networking, web chat, and wikis all combined into one real-time client. Sharing things like files and chat windows with a group of people is just one use for the powerful tool. Google Wave has a ton of interesting features. […]

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Internet and Business Predictions for 2010 and Beyond!!!!

Well, it’s the first official work day of 2010.  In sympathy with my friend Greg, I do not have a flying car. I do not have a jet pack. I have not seen a Monolith anywhere. I do have some predictions for the internet, our lives and authentic businesses. Prediction 1 :Speed in 2010: Pickin’ […]

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Facebook Takes Over In 2009 | Authentic Web Marketing

Facebook had an amazing year during 2009. They added over 200 million new users and raised twice as much revenue as Twitter. While Twitter and Facebook continue to battle it out 2009 has partially been about opening up its data and profiles. This year has been far from perfect for the company which suffered multiple […]

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