Posts from April 2010

Zuckerberg: “people can have instantly social experiences wherever they go”

Mark Zuckerberg laid out his plan, at the F8 Conference, to create a new super-social web.  He unveiled the use of OpenGraph and Social Plugins to create a social web space.  Imagine going to any number of websites and being able to instantly press the “like” button, similar to that found on Facebook. These plugins […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Ning’s Bubble Burst | Social Media Marketing

As reported on 1) Ning has announced that it is ending it’s free products 2) Ning has cut over 70 people..nearly 40% of their staff 3) Ning will be forcing existing free networks to either make the change to premium accounts or move their networks elsewhere. 4) Ning has several different premium upgrades: include […]

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