Posts from August 2010

QR Codes the Big Mobile Marketing Tool?

QR codes may possibly be the next big mobile marketing tool coming our way. They are codes that you can find on business cards and promotional material. These codes are scanned via cell phones by taking photos of the code and processing it. The message from the code is immediately transferred to the smart phone […]

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The Importance of Creating a Strong and Effective Brand

A strong brand image is a fundamental element for any business, large or small, online or brick-and-mortar. But what is your brand? Your brand is a visual expression of your company’s core values and mission. This can include your logo, your byline, your website and other mediums through which you communicate your company’s message. It […]

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Analytics firm acquired for 120% premium by IBM

As of Friday Aug. 13th IBM announced they would be purchasing Unica a software analytics firm for $480 million. This all-cash deal will pay out $21 per share for Unica going from Thursday’s closing price of $9.55 a share to $20.76, an $11.21 increase. So why the premium purchase, IBM had said it was acquired […]

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Analytics Excel Style

RowFeeder has launched an analytics solution that measures social media data within Microsoft Excel that is compatible with Google Docs. Marketers and brands no longer have to export data but rather receive pre-populated charts in Excel. All tables and visualizations are based on the company’s new raw media data. The purpose o f this new […]

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Using Social Media and Video Blogs for Small Businesses

With using social media, small business should also consider using video blogs or vlogs. With the wide usage of Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, Viddler, and others alike, it is wise to utilize these outlets as a way to reach your current and potential clients. Most video platforms allow linking, embedding and sharing to other sites such […]

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