Posts from September 2010

Recent Attacks on Legitimate Websites Redirect to Malicious Code

Recently we’ve been scratching our heads around the office after seeing a pop-up on a few legitimate websites we frequent to do business. The pop-up window says: Warning! On your computer detected the malicious code. Should immediately make sure that your system is safe! Killing Hazard (R) for Microsoft Windows XP immediately started to work. Afterwards it […]

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Facebook Down Again?

It looks like Facebook is down again for some.  There has been no official release as of yet to why this is happening but incase your websites are equipped with Facebook Savvy Plugins, this is what it might look like: But do not fret! Once Facebook is back up, all shall be well again on […]

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Facebook Offering Gift Cards in Target Stores

On September 5th, Facebook began dipping into brick-and-mortar business by selling gift cards at Target Stores.  The gift cards can be used to purchase virtual goods for their online games hosted on The credits will will available in increments of $15, $25, and $50.  There Facebook gaming world has about 500 million users globally […]

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Facebook Blames Networking Provider for Downtime

You may have noticed within the last hour that you couldn’t load your Facebook page.  According to facebook, there is a “third party networking provider” that is causing some accounts to have issues connecting to Facebook. Facebook has released a statement stating, “We are in contact with this provider in order to explore what can […]

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More time spent on Facebook then Google?

It has been reported that Internet users are now spending more time socializing on Facebook then searching on Google, this data comes from a market research study performed by ComScore. This data has been collected by over 2 million users and data analysis from participating websites. In August alone people had spent 41.1 million minutes […]

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