Posts from February 2011

WordPress 3.1 and the Admin Bar

Today WordPress has official gone live with the official update to WordPress 3.1. WordPress 3.1 offers countless improvements that will greatly help streamline most of the processes you do daily while maintaining your website. One of which is the admin bar. The admin bar is a bar, customizable by developers via theme functions, that appears […]

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Internal Linking Changes in WordPress 3.1

So I’m usually pretty “with it” as far as WordPress design goes, but I’m admittedly a little late to the whole WordPress 3.1 beta party. So after around a bit today I learned some pretty exciting things, partiuclarly for SEO. One of the most exciting new features in WordPress 3.1 is the ability to search […]

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evolveALOUD client Dr Zach Hodgins Featured on Local News for Sedation Dentistry

Dr Zach Hodgins and the Orlando Sedation Dental Office, Dentist Studio, were featured on the news describing the benefits of conscious sedation dentistry. Calming your fears of the dentist: The news found Dr Hodgins by doing a search for sedation dentists where he dominated the results!

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