Posts from June 2011

Free Final Cut Pro X Tutorials

The latest version Final Cut Pro has arrived, but like some of you this new version can be a bit daunting. Not sure where to start in this new software? Itching to get your feet wet but are getting frustrated with all the new bells and whistles? You my are not alone! But don’t fear, Izzy […]

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Traditional Interview, a thing of the past?!

With the boom of social media and the rapid advancement of technology, companies are beginning to broaden their horizons when it comes to looking for perspective employs. Employers are not only looking at applications from locals but also from across the continent and even abroad thanks to online video broadcasting. Applications like Skype and Video chats are […]

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Politicians and the power of Social Media

More and more, politicians are embracing the world of social media and even more so, are using video to aid in their political propaganda. This is not a bad thing, in fact it’s great that they are finding more ways to engage the people and are following the trends. But in all honesty, there are good […]

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