Posts from July 2011

Answering Q&A through Video a match made in heaven

Social media is a great way to make something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary!  So instead of doing something one way let’s take it one step further and make it better. Now it is true that if something is not broken don’t fix it, but sometimes modifying a product and improving the effectiveness of […]

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Google Removed Third-Party Reviews From Place Pages!

Google has decided to remove third-party reviews from its Google Places pages. This means the reviews listed on business listing services such as Yelp or Trip Advisor will no longer populate your reviews on your Google Places page for your business. To encourage users to leave reviews directly from the Google Places page, they did […]

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Sharing videos is becoming Big Business!

As more and more videos flood the internet and go viral, big businesses are starting the catch on to the need of social media sharing. Making a video and posting it is one thing, but what happens after that? It is not garuanteed to become success or a business driving force to success but just […]

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Soap Operas – Goodbye TV Hello Internet!

As some of you may know, if not already know, Soap Opreas are fading away from TV. But I do not believe that the demand has gone forevery. The main problem that network executives have had is the bad economy and the loss of green. Money is tight and unfortunately cuts had to be made. […]

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YouTube, Facebook and SEO, which is more powerful?

Recently an articule came out on ReelSEO weighing in on which social media platform is better for your SEO needs, YouTube or Facebook. Each has it’s nitch and important factors that make very important, but which is better? Should we consider using one over the other? Well is is true that YouTube is the popular […]

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