Posts from December 2011

The next e-commerce platform will combine video and shopping like never before

The future of online shopping and browsing is quickly changing for the better. Before long e-commerce will be old news while video commerce will be the wave of the future. You can see a live demonstration of the product Liveclicker has put together here. Since this is a new platform that Liveclicker has just made, […]

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Politics and YouTube a recipe for disaster?

The topic of politics is a heated debate and often times can divide people who are normally friendly towards each other. It’s no secret that the power or social media is vast but is it really for everyone? It all depends on the message that your video is trying to convey. Recently Republican Candidate Rick […]

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Boost SEO Ranking by Adding Subtitles and Caption to your Videos on Youtube

A quick and simple tip in regards to increasing your videos SEO rank in search engines. By adding subtitles and captions on your videos in Youtube you can not only help boost it’s SEO rating but increase viewership and gain exposure. If you have content that you think will be benefitial in other languages, by […]

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Bounce Rates on Your Office Website

What is a Bounce Rate? The percentage of people that only visit one page on your website. They “bounce” off your site. One and done.   Who should worry about bounce rate? People selling something on their site or businesses that have a specific goal in mind like signing up for a newsletter.  Then you […]

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