Posts from June 2012

“How Businesses Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations”

On June 4, 2012, the results of BrightLocal’s 2012 local consumer review survey were released. This survey collected information about “consumer recommendation behavior”–the way consumers advertise businesses–between January 15 and March 1. Then, BrightLocal compared this year’s data to that of their 2010 survey. So far, it looks as if only certain types of businesses […]

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Babel Phish

A recent Economist Online article describes an intriguing study done by Cambridge University computer scientist Joseph Bonneau. Bonneau analyzed passwords used by roughly 70 million (anonymous) Yahoo members worldwide in search of trends. One particularly interesting aspect of Bonneau’s study focused on the use of dictionaries, though not the sort of dictionaries that list words […]

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