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Does Google Plus (Google+) help Attorneys Get More Clients?

You bet it does. We started developing our Google+ Strategy about a year ago.  When I say strategy I actually mean Massive Action Plan How do Attorneys Get More Clients with Google Plus? First, they need to properly set it up.  Second, if you are an attorney, you should  understand the Social Search implications.  Then, […]

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How Launching Your (Quick) Site Today Can Help Your SEO

Taking pride in one’s work is a great quality to have as a professional. When it comes to your website, you might feel like it needs to be perfect before the world can see it. After all, you wouldn’t walk into court without first making sure you have gathered everything you need to win the case! […]

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Website for The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida

authenticWEB Upgrades the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida Website

From the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida: “The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida owes great gratitude to Authentic WEB for the complete redesign of its website. Authentic WEB thoroughly engaged with executive board and general members to fully understand the group’s purpose and mission to ensure the delivery of an effective product. Team […]

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AuthenticWeb Launches Gaetano Oddi’s New Home

Gaetano Oddi is an old world European craftsman who has relocated to Central Florida. Gaetano is a window and doors replacement expert as he learned his trade in a country where energy costs are much higher than in America. Gaetano recognizes that Florida, with its long summers, rising energy costs, and hurricane safety concerns is […]

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