Posts from April 2013

Authentic Web’s Latest Launch: Wall St. Plaza

Wall St. Plaza is a fun-filled section of downtown Orlando dedicated to good times, live music and special events. Consisting of eight bars, Wall St, Plaza has something for everyone within walking distance. They approached Authentic Web for a redesign of their current site and SEO with a design goal to make features of their […]

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I’m not going to tell you why you should have a Facebook Fanbox on your Website

I’m not going to tell you why you should have a Facebook Fanbox on your Website I’ m not going to tell you why. Your Friends Are. Science is. Evolution is. Dr. Robert Cialdini is going to tell you why you should have a Fanbox. Humans survived for this long for two reasons: An evolved […]

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Is your business website or blog safe? Global, Distributed WordPress Attack

Many Professional’s Websites are Being Hacked Currently, there is an ongoing, distributed attack on WordPress sites all across the planet that has been causing quite a lot of noise. The attack is being perpetrated through a botnet of what is assumed to be mostly home computers. Botnets Infiltrating Servers During The Global WordPress Attack A […]

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A Blog Saved My Life (kind of)

A couple of years ago, I was unpleasantly reminded of how fragile hardware really is. My laptop crashed and took all my web bookmarks into oblivion with it. There is where I kept my most sacred archives of useful information that I could call in with just one click of my favorites panel. And just […]

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Facebook Likes — Buttons Versus Boxes

We Want To Be Liked People, by nature, want to be liked. As kids, we stressed over the first day of school, one of our biggest worries being “Will my new classmates like me?” In online marketing, being “liked” is even more important. Having your page liked by someone on Facebook doesn’t just mean they […]

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