Posts from May 2013

The Dangers of Shared Hosting

Low Price Hosting can cost you in the long run In today’s oversaturated hosting market, it is remarkably easy to find hosts touting nigh-infinite resources for low, low prices. Unfortunately, going with one of these hosts can be a very high-risk gamble for a multitude of reasons! Your neighbors on shared hosting could be your […]

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Three Simple Rules For Interface Design: A Response

Be Like Water, My Friend When I began this post, I solely had the intention to give some props Seth Godin’s post, First, Do No Harm–Three Rules for Public Interfaces . However, it became somewhat of a therapy post for me to realize I need to release control and flow with the chaos of project development.  Seth’s […]

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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

You’ve worked with your consultants and experts, and your SEO campaign is underway. Now, you want results. It’s understandable. You want to see your website climb up to the top of the search results, and beat out the competition. But, in the world of online marketing, patience might be more of a virtue than you […]

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DNS Propagation: My website launched, why can’t I see it? SIMPLY and TECHNICALLY

DNS Propagation SIMPLIFIED  Imagine a DNS (Domain Name Server) is a conductor that points someone in the direction of your business (Your website).  When someone asks the conductor for the name of your business(Your domain name), they look up where your business is located and points that person to that business. Since there are people […]

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Google Authorship for Professionals — What Is It, And Why Do I Need It?

Lately, Google authorship has been on everyone’s minds. From an online marketing standpoint, it’s a very useful concept, and, if you’re looking to take your company or business to the next level, claiming authorship of your content online is a wise step to take. What Is Google Authorship? Authorship tags are, simply put, a way to link […]

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