Posts from January 2014

“Concepts, Not Keywords” – Why You Need to Tell a Story

In recent years, Google, as well as other search engines, have been making great strides to refine the way they find content on the internet and present it to users. Google in specific, has become very intuitive. The search engine is slowly becoming better at not only figuring out what a user might want to […]

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Get the Personal Mindset

The Problems with Broadcasting Social Media People always ask me how they can make their social media automatic to all channels, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. I too fall into the trap of wanting to broadcast.  Intuitively, it makes sense.  “Broadcast to enough people and the message will reach the right person.” There are two problems […]

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The team at authenticWEB is proud to announce the launch of

The team at authenticWEB is proud to announce the launch of our latest website for Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher of Denver. From an SEO standpoint, has been an authenticWEB client for years, dominating for hundreds of search results in Google, Bing and YouTube. This includes being on the first page for the highly […]

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Embrace Your Worst

We closed our office at authenticWEB for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I think observation of the holiday is important irrelevant of your view. I had big plans for writing this Mindset Monday on that topic. Try as I might, I did not “feel” it. It’s not that I am not inspired by the history […]

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The New WordPress Release Cycle

In the second half of 2013, WordPress began using a plugin-first development approach in order to rapidly push out new versions. Basically, this means that development of new WordPress features is entirely separate from core bug and security fixes. At least, until features are fleshed out to a point where they can be safely added […]

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