Posts from March 2014

The Panting Dog Mindset

I have been listening to two books – “What Einstein Kept Under His Hat” by Wolke and “You Are Now Less Dumb” By David McRaney.  Both are about science.  The first is about the science of food, the second, your brain and thinking. They converge in relating you to a panting dog. So what do […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #2: Using the Fire Hose Approach to Your Website

One very common mistake in internet marketing for personal injury attorneys  is the “fire hose” approach to website design. The fire hose approach to website design is putting everything on the home page.  Listen, it makes sense to you but not to an accident victim with no experience! I think this fire hose problem comes […]

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The team at authenticWEB is proud to announce the launch of

The team at authenticWEB is proud to announce the launch of our latest website for Orlando commercial real estate broker Charlie Brenner. Based in Orlando, Charlie Brenner has over 30 years experience in Central Florida commercial realty. He has transacted sales and leases of undeveloped land offices, warehouses and flex space throughout Florida, including Orlando, […]

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A Poor Website Design is Costing You $$$

In this series, I am going to review topics like Website Design for your law firm, Online Video and SEO.  There are a lot of mistakes I have seen in website design and it may be one of the costliest errors you can make for your Personal Injury Law Firm. Here is a chart of […]

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The Malaysian Mindset

This blog post has nothing to do with Malaysia, except the airliner. It’s been missing for some time. I would have to say possibly entering a cold war with Russia is globally more important than figuring out where this plane is. Yet, the world is still more intrigued by the mysterious disappearance. This story, and the […]

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