Posts from May 2014

Deadly Marketing Mistake #16: Ignoring Your Mindset

“Problems can not be solved with the same mind that created them.” – Albert Einstein What is your mindset? Do you even pay attention to it? If you are not, then other people are driving you. I believe for us to be the best internet marketing company, I need to constantly work on mindset. I […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #15: Having Testimonials, NOT Video Case Studies

Video testimonials suck.  When you ask someone to talk about how great you are it comes off unnatural.  However, when you create case studies, you tell stories of how you help people. A video case study from a former client tells of their complete experience from their point of view.  It tells a story that […]

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The Trader Mindset

I was a successful trader for years. I used trading profits to start my current company. I still trade my own money. One thing I learned early on from much research is that the only commonality to great traders was mindset. Many people think great traders are geniuses, but few are. It’s all about trade […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #14: Not Coordinating Your Team

Do you have: a website guy? a graphics person? a video guy? a content girl? an SEO guy? a social media girl? an email person? How often do they talk?  Do they all work toward a singular vision? Do they understand your goals or are they simply working toward theirs?  You could have the best […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #13: Not Listening to Matt Cutts

If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is, learn.  He is the head of spam control for Google.  No, not the spam you eat and not email spam.  “Search spam” are people trying to “game” the search results.  In a way, most SEO people can fall into the realm of spammers, because we all want […]

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