Posts from August 2014

Video SEO Techniques for your site: Using Video Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Video FAQ? Quite simply, a Video FAQ is a short video where you answer a specific question someone might have about you, your business, or your industry. It’s like your answering a client’s question face to face, without them actually coming to your office. You might think this sounds counterproductive – after […]

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Making The Ice Bucket Challenge work for your business

You may be sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but their is no denying it’s success. You probably are wondering how to duplicate the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge for your business. Our CEO and resident internet marketing expert Ian Garlic discusses the 4 key mindsets of the Ice Bucket Challenge in his latest Mindset Monday. […]

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authenticACTION: Identify Your Ideal Clients

Get the Clients You Really Want Before hire a website designer or spend more time on SEO identify your ideal clients. If you have no aim, your marketing will probably not be effective. Imagine talking to one hundred potential clients in one room. In order to talk to everyone, you have to limit your time and attention […]

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authenticWEB is proud to introduce authenticACTION!

Improve your business by 167.76 % in just one year. Let authenticWEB show you how. Each week, we will deliver one authenticACTION that will easily improve your business by 1%. 1% might not sound like much – but do the math. 1% once a week results in a 167.76% improvement in just one year. Now that […]

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