Posts from September 2014

The Three T’s of Content

How to Create Quality Content Search engine optimization and keyword-rich content are critical to your website being found by Google and other search engines. However, focusing too much on SEO and not enough on the quality of your content may lead to potential clients to leave your site almost as quickly as they find it. […]

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Remember the User: Connecting With Your Audience

What is User Experience? What is the User Experience you are providing your clients and how does this affect your business?  User Experience (UX) is everything relating to how a customer or client “experiences” your website or application. By “experiences” I mean, is it easy to use?  What emotions or feelings are you trying to convey […]

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Once Upon a Time: Using Storytelling to Sell Your Business

Tell Your Story to Reach More Clients At authenticWEB, our passion is telling our client’s story so they can reach more of their own potential clients, effectively and authentically. We incorporate storytelling into everything we do – whether it’s designing a custom website, conveying a narrative through online video, or conversing with potential clients through […]

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Want More Business? Start With “Why”

Start With “Why” to Get More Business Most of us have the natural inclination to finish our content or our videos with the “grand finale,” but this rarely works due to your potential clients’ short attention spans. It’s difficult to get website visitors to spend more than a minute watching or reading your content – […]

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Using Teamwork to Your Advantage

Website Designer vs. Website Developer Lately I have noticed a trend among many articles, saying that designers or developers don’t need each other. That it is better to learn the others job than work together to create a website. That somehow these two “factions” are to be pitted against each other and fight to the […]

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