Posts from November 2014

Make Your Social Media More ‘Social’

One of the worst things you can do on your business’s social media sites is to strictly post information – random articles about your industry that don’t connect you with your audience. We’ve talked in the past about sharing your stories on social media. This week, I encourage you to take your social media a […]

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Do you need inbound marketing for your business?

You may have heard about inbound marketing. Unlike traditional “outbound” marketing, where you go to the potential clients, you entice them to come to you instead. You promote your company through blog posts, online video, SEO, social media, and other forms of content marketing in order to bring potential clients closer to your brand. But […]

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How Online Video Can Get You More Customers

The last few weeks, we’ve talked about defining your buyer’s process to streamline your selling process and create opportunities to start more conversations with your ideal clients. This week, I want to talk about addressing each of those issues or points of conversation on video. Because you’ve already pinpointed instances along the buying process where […]

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How to Review Your Website for Launch

This post is the second in a two-part series highlighting the client review portions of our web projects. Both articles contain pointers that are helpful in keeping your project moving along and not getting delayed from launching. At authenticWEB, some of our most thrilling moments are centered around website launches. Anticipation has been building for […]

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Are you missing out on potential clients? Translate your video closed captions!

Every business should consider implementing a global SEO strategy even if world domination is not what you are looking to achieve. If you own a business, especially in a place that receives a lot of international tourists, you could gain a lot of clients just by doing one simple step. Add translated closed captions to […]

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