Posts from March 2016

Composing a Case Study

Some of the best stories to share with potential clients are case studies. Many people confuse these for testimonials, concentrating only on the resolution of the conflict, but in doing so they miss the information that potential clients crave. When writing a case study, think about the story you’re telling from a potential client’s perspective; they […]

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The Power of Storytelling

What makes storytelling such a powerful tool for your business? Stories give you the power to sculpt the way potential clients view and engage with your business. They also continue to encourage trust among those who are already clients. It’s no secret that people are intrigued by and listen to stories, so what’s stopping you […]

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New Website Launched for L.A. Executive Body and Business Coach Thomas DeLauer

We are happy to announce the launch of OptimizeCEO, the new website for Thomas DeLauer, an L.A. Executive Body and Business Coach. Our team took on a modern, quality long-form design that helps viewers easily digest and engage in content. New Design Our team worked to emphasize both strength and endurance through the use of […]

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New Website Launched for New York Portrait Photographer Karen Haberberg

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new site for Karen Haberberg, a New York Portrait Photographer. Our team worked hard to create a redesign that stepped away from traditional long form design and instead communicated an artistic, portfolio-like style. Website Redesign With specific goals in mind, our design and development team took […]

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