Culinary / Health


Factor 75

Factor 75 provides healthy, organic and ready-to-eat meals straight to your door, on your schedule. The gluten, soy and nut free meals are tailored to your needs that are guaranteed to stay fresh, even if you aren’t there for the delivery.  A healthy eating schedule not only takes away the stress of meal planning, but can help you reach personal, fitness goals.





Happily Hooked

Happily Hooked is a magazine tailored to crocheters.  Happily Hooked offers patterns, tools, bags and so much more.  It also offers membership levels that offer even further access to monthly patterns and inspiration.  Happily hooked offers tutorials and resources to help you through small and big projects.

Consumer Products


Liv N Fresh

Liv N Fresh provides quality active wear and outdoor accessories for those looking for Michigan-specific products.  You’re guaranteed to hear “where’d you get that” every time you wear their clothing or hold one of their koozies.  With online ordering, it’s easier than ever to represent your Michigan pride wherever you are.  






Mindsteps is a resource that helps teachers learn how to better teach their students through workshops, planning tools and other programming.  For one Arizona school, Mindsteps was able to help with teacher retention, targeted feedback and meeting the needs of their educators.



Mindsteps provides teachers with resources to elevate their teaching and take their education process to the next level.  Mindsteps can help bring a group of educators together for the same goals and same understanding of common vernacular.  Ultimately this brings consistency to the education system and helps organize and evaluate educators as effectively as possible.



Ecela provides a unique medical education that allows students to learn the spanish language effectively while simultaneously learning a new healthcare system. With these skills not only are you a more valuable medical professional,but you have the ability to travel and make a difference on more lives.



Price Law Firm

Price Law Firm can help you with your legal, financial situations.  In the case of Mary, the housing crisis created big issues for her family and business.  Thankfully, the attorneys at Price Law Firm were able to ease some of the financial burden.



Florida Guardian ad Litem

The Florida Guardian ad litem program gives a voice to abused, neglected and abandoned children in court.  Working with AuthenticWeb helped their statewide office a new website that made gaining volunteers incredibly simple and easy. Their work with the foundation was positive and guaranteed they’ll be working with them again.