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John has sold everything from shoes, to timeshare, to mortgage planning, to food and more since graduating from the University of Florida with a BA in English. In sales, John ...

Referral Marketing Strategies That Work.

Referrals are an essential source of business for most law firms and they provide the highest quality clients to work with so getting more of them should be a priority. As an experienced attorney marketing firm we are familiar with both the need for referrals and with ways of gaining more of them. Referrals should […]

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Do You Want More Referrals For Your Law Firm?

Click here to watch part two of this video series and learn the 9 systems that will get you more referrals for your law firm. According to Wikipedia referral marketing is, “a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can […]

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Should Law Firms Worry About SEO?

Word of mouth advertising – for years, this phrase constituted the beginning and the end of marketing “strategy” for many law firms. Sure, there were TV ads, radio ads, and The Yellow Pages but for many firms referrals generated the most business. This strategy continues to pay off for older large firms as their numbers […]

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Rankings vs. Results – What matters most to your business?

As a sales consultant at authenticWEB I speak to both prospects and current clients regularly. During conversations with current clients one of the things I always ask is, “How is business?” In that same vein, when I speak to prospects I always ask, “What are your business goals?” At authenticWEB our focus is on results […]

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Do you know what your clients think about your business?

Do you know what your clients think about your business? Most people think of feedback in relation to product releases or employee reviews but what about feedback for small businesses? Do you know what your current clients think about your business? How was the hiring process? Were they happy with the results of your work? […]

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