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Make Your Law Firm’s Marketing 3 Times More Effective

You finally found it. The one thing that separates good law firms from great law firms.   It’s not legal prowess. It’s identifying your ideal clients. The most specialized attorneys, doctors, and [INSERT ANY PROFESSION] reach the greatest success. The greatest internet marketers succeed by focusing on one avatar (ideal client). When you focus on […]

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Do You Want More Referrals For Your Law Firm?

Click here to watch part two of this video series and learn the 9 systems that will get you more referrals for your law firm. According to Wikipedia referral marketing is, “a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can […]

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Should Law Firms Worry About SEO?

Word of mouth advertising – for years, this phrase constituted the beginning and the end of marketing “strategy” for many law firms. Sure, there were TV ads, radio ads, and The Yellow Pages but for many firms referrals generated the most business. This strategy continues to pay off for older large firms as their numbers […]

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Time Management for Attorneys

During my discussions with attorney clients and prospective attorney clients there is a common thread that weaves its way into our talk – time, or more correctly, a lack thereof. Some have time management issues as it is related to collections, for some it is handling staff, and for others it is just the day […]

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