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Deadly Marketing Mistake #20: Not Knowing Where Your Ideal Clients Are

Where are Your Ideal Clients? We’ve already discussed the importance of knowing who your ideal clients are. The next step is discovering where to find them! Everyone is on Google and Facebook, right? Well, maybe in the beginning. But we all are separating. Sure, most of us hold a Facebook account, but is that where your ideal […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #19: Not Knowing Your Marketing Budget

How much do you plan on making this year? If you only have referral sources, then take those referral sources and add 20%.  A good web campaign should bring you about 20% above and beyond your other sources. A great web campaign will bring you much more in terms of percentage. Now take that 20%, […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #18: Not Having a Referral System

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about how people find attorneys these days. Despite being replaced by the Internet as the top source of business for law firms, “recommendations from friends and family” is still the second most used method of finding attorneys (and any service professional, really). Just because you have […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #17: Not Listening

“People tell us who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” Donald Draper I have boiled it down to Six Rules for SEO/Social Media Marketing Success: Listen Consummate Curate Mediate Facilitate Initiate These are in order of importance. You are probably doing it backwards […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #16: Ignoring Your Mindset

“Problems can not be solved with the same mind that created them.” – Albert Einstein What is your mindset? Do you even pay attention to it? If you are not, then other people are driving you. I believe for us to be the best internet marketing company, I need to constantly work on mindset. I […]

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