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Should Law Firms Worry About SEO?

Word of mouth advertising – for years, this phrase constituted the beginning and the end of marketing “strategy” for many law firms. Sure, there were TV ads, radio ads, and The Yellow Pages but for many firms referrals generated the most business. This strategy continues to pay off for older large firms as their numbers […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #13: Not Listening to Matt Cutts

If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is, learn.  He is the head of spam control for Google.  No, not the spam you eat and not email spam.  “Search spam” are people trying to “game” the search results.  In a way, most SEO people can fall into the realm of spammers, because we all want […]

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Google+ Local — How Local Search Can Help Your Business

As we have previously discussed, Google is becoming more intuitive. Search is being refined, conceptualizing websites and attempting to give users the most relevant and useful information — not just pages that happen to contain the searched terms. One way in which Google is attempting to do this is by making search more local. For […]

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Does Google Plus (Google+) help Attorneys Get More Clients?

You bet it does. We started developing our Google+ Strategy about a year ago.  When I say strategy I actually mean Massive Action Plan How do Attorneys Get More Clients with Google Plus? First, they need to properly set it up.  Second, if you are an attorney, you should  understand the Social Search implications.  Then, […]

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Upgrading to the New Gmail

If you would like to upgrade to the new Gmail, here are the steps: Click on settings on Gmail. Click on configure inbox. Check the following areas. Primary Social Promotions updates forums Include starred in primary Hit save and you should have the new Gmail. If you would like to revert to your previous Gmail […]

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