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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

You’ve worked with your consultants and experts, and your SEO campaign is underway. Now, you want results. It’s understandable. You want to see your website climb up to the top of the search results, and beat out the competition. But, in the world of online marketing, patience might be more of a virtue than you […]

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Bounce Rates on Your Office Website

What is a Bounce Rate? The percentage of people that only visit one page on your website. They “bounce” off your site. One and done.   Who should worry about bounce rate? People selling something on their site or businesses that have a specific goal in mind like signing up for a newsletter.  Then you […]

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Long Island Attorney Diverse Search Results

Nationwide Search Engine Optimization New York Attorneys Foley Griffin is a client of ours that focuses on Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. They are Lawyers with extensive experience in their fields. Our client shows up for both Criminal Defense and Personal Injury search results in Long Island NY. CLICK ON THE PAGE FOR A CLOSER […]

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Denver Attorney Stands Out Among the Competition

Notice No Other Videos in Search Results??  How much more proof do you need Douglas Richard is a Denver Attorney who practices in the areas of Cyber-Crimes, Court Appeals, Property Offenses, Federal Criminal Defense, Violent Crimes, Drug Charges, and Juvenile Crimes. His video sticks out among the cluttered background of different results. Your first impression is everything. Capture your Audience with […]

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