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CEOs are Finally Warming Up to Social Media

Generally, social media is one of the most infrequently used ways for CEOs to connect with people, but a global CEO study hosted by IBM strongly suggests that it should jump to the top two within the next three to five years. IBM also predicts that, within five years, at least fifty-seven percent of CEOs […]

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Politics and YouTube a recipe for disaster?

The topic of politics is a heated debate and often times can divide people who are normally friendly towards each other. It’s no secret that the power or social media is vast but is it really for everyone? It all depends on the message that your video is trying to convey. Recently Republican Candidate Rick […]

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Politicians and the power of Social Media

More and more, politicians are embracing the world of social media and even more so, are using video to aid in their political propaganda. This is not a bad thing, in fact it’s great that they are finding more ways to engage the people and are following the trends. But in all honesty, there are good […]

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