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Spread Your Story through Social Media

At authenticWEB, we always strive for authenticity. We also tell you to use testimonials as much as possible. People connect to authenticity, which is the story or the “Why” behind what you do. It’s what gets you going and keeps you going in your job. For me, I love to hear the stories of how […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #7: Law Firm Social Media That’s Not Social

If you are truly good at cocktail parties, you ask a lot of questions and are curious about people.  People like curiosity, especially when it’s about them.  According to Todd Kashdan’s Curious, you seem smarter, better looking, and all around ‘cooler’ by being curious (I added the cooler part but you get the drift).  You […]

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Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Strategy

Humans are social creatures, and ever since the advent of the internet, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we found ways to forge social interactions — even friendships and relationships — online. As a business owner, you want to build a relationship with your clients. Having an amazing website with […]

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The next e-commerce platform will combine video and shopping like never before

The future of online shopping and browsing is quickly changing for the better. Before long e-commerce will be old news while video commerce will be the wave of the future. You can see a live demonstration of the product Liveclicker has put together here. Since this is a new platform that Liveclicker has just made, […]

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Boost SEO Ranking by Adding Subtitles and Caption to your Videos on Youtube

A quick and simple tip in regards to increasing your videos SEO rank in search engines. By adding subtitles and captions on your videos in Youtube you can not only help boost it’s SEO rating but increase viewership and gain exposure. If you have content that you think will be benefitial in other languages, by […]

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