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The New WordPress Release Cycle

In the second half of 2013, WordPress began using a plugin-first development approach in order to rapidly push out new versions. Basically, this means that development of new WordPress features is entirely separate from core bug and security fixes. At least, until features are fleshed out to a point where they can be safely added […]

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Is your business website or blog safe? Global, Distributed WordPress Attack

Many Professional’s Websites are Being Hacked Currently, there is an ongoing, distributed attack on WordPress sites all across the planet that has been causing quite a lot of noise. The attack is being perpetrated through a botnet of what is assumed to be mostly home computers. Botnets Infiltrating Servers During The Global WordPress Attack A […]

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Internal Linking Changes in WordPress 3.1

So I’m usually pretty “with it” as far as WordPress design goes, but I’m admittedly a little late to the whole WordPress 3.1 beta party. So after around a bit today I learned some pretty exciting things, partiuclarly for SEO. One of the most exciting new features in WordPress 3.1 is the ability to search […]

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Helpful Hints to Keeping your WordPress Secure

Chances are now a days if you’re running a blog, it’s probably on WordPress. WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular blogging softwares out there, and it’s name has become synonymous with past time. With good reason, too; WordPress is one of the most easy to understand, customizable, and, most importantly, secure blogging […]

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