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Video Marketing, and 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

Most company’s marketing strategies are starting to become dated. There’s too much emphasis on traditional methods with no interest in trying out something new. Does it work? Probably. After all, there is a reason these became standard practices and have survived decades of makeovers in the marketing world. However, many lose out on growth opportunities […]

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New Website Launched for New York Criminal Defense Attorney

We are happy to announce the launch of a new website for Criminal Defense Attorney, Paul Petrus Jr. Our team created a quality, engaging long form website with a custom icon and video details. New Web Presence Our team aimed to clarify the firm’s message using easy to digest content and engaging video. By providing […]

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6 Easy Steps to Creating Valuable Video Content that Converts

Producing video content can seem like an intimidating and technical process, leading many business owners to shy away from it completely. But, they’re missing out on tons of conversions and potential business. These leads are surfing away to competitors’ sites that do provide informative videos. So, what’s stopping business owners from producing this influential content […]

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The Most Important Page on Your Company’s Website

We’ve done thousands of videos and websites for our clients, and here’s what we’ve found: possibly the most valuable page on your site is your “About Us” page. That’s right. Your About Us page might even be more important than your homepage. Viewers that are ready to make a purchase tend to go from your […]

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The Most Compelling Call-to-Action on the Web

It’s a known fact that video has become a defining feature of online marketing for business owners, entrepreneurs and legal entities alike. In the past year we’ve seen Twitter launch autoplay videos in our feeds, Facebook giving businesses new opportunities to advertise using video, and the start of live streaming on entities like Periscope. (Now, […]

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