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Tell Your Story Through: Video Blog Posts

At authenticWEB, we produce online videos that help showcase our clients, their businesses, and the people they serve. We use each video to focus on specific details about our clients to better understand why they are so passionate about doing what they do. Often, we go through our days overlooking the small things that make […]

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Are you missing out on potential clients? Translate your video closed captions!

Every business should consider implementing a global SEO strategy even if world domination is not what you are looking to achieve. If you own a business, especially in a place that receives a lot of international tourists, you could gain a lot of clients just by doing one simple step. Add translated closed captions to […]

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Video FAQs – Making FAQ pages more personalized for your clients

Video FAQ’s on your site make your website more User Friendly It’s common for businesses to receive questions from clients from time to time. A lot of times it’s so frequent that it warrants for sites to host FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. These pages are usually formatted in listed order with typed questions and […]

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Boost SEO Ranking by Adding Subtitles and Caption to your Videos on Youtube

A quick and simple tip in regards to increasing your videos SEO rank in search engines. By adding subtitles and captions on your videos in Youtube you can not only help boost it’s SEO rating but increase viewership and gain exposure. If you have content that you think will be benefitial in other languages, by […]

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Search Engine Results for Local Orlando Business

Video and Website Search Results This is one of evolveALoud local clients that provides counseling for the Orlando and the Central Florida area. We mentioned this client video testimonial in a previous blog, and it’s still dominating. Lisa Beilman provides a variety of treatment to included Family, Couples, Career, and No Judgement Counseling. She has a competitive advantage in her area. Search […]

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