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authenticWEB is all about Authentic Web Marketing for Service Professionals

The authenticWEB Complete Process

Why read this? This is the future of business and real success for professionals. Whether you hire authenticWEB or not, you should go through a process similar to the one outlined below to have ongoing success.

There is Art in Systems

We want every one of our clients to achieve their goals. Our aim for you is business success that you can feel using the best techniques in marketing SEO, social media, online video, and website design. We have developed systems to do this while keeping within a budget. The system continues to work, but we continue to adapt it and improve in order to make sure we are meeting the needs of our clients within the framework of what we love to do.

Business Evaluation
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Online marketing is not advertising.  Your marketing should be customized to your goals. Anyone that offers success without understanding your goals is wasting your time. Our first time meeting with you focuses on learning about your business so we can create a plan tailored to how many and what types of clients you want. [Read More]

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Our business consultants will take what they learned about your business and your goals and use it to analyze your current web presence and that of your competition. [Read More]

Creating a Path
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Once the analysis is complete, our consultants will decide on the best path to help you get the quantity and quality of business you want.  Whether you want to take baby steps or dominate as quickly as possible, we will create the best plan for the most complete web presence for you. [Read More]

authenticWEB Complete
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If you need an entire web presence, SEO, online video, a new website, and social media, authenticWEB Complete is the way to go. This process streamlines the development of your complete web presence, creating a unified look and feel for your business. It also reduces overall costs and ensures each aspect of your web presence works well with the others.

You get a higher return on your investment while actually having a much lower overall investment.

Video Process
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Most likely you are not a great actor. Your clients don’t expect you to be.  They would like to learn more about you. With our documentary-style process shot in film quality, you just need to show up and be yourself.  Our documentary process…

  • yields great videos
  • enhances your value proposition
  • dominates SEO
  • connects you with ideal clients
  • creates videos to improve your website
  • provides videos to improve SEO

The video interviews are done by our business consultants, so this also works to improve your overall marketing. Videos are used internally at authenticWEB so that everyone in our office can get to know you and your business. [Read More]

Team Approach
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Our process brings together our team to work to make your entire presence a powerful one. authenticWEB has developed a team of caring, highly skilled people. You know your work is much better when you care, so we make sure everyone in our office gets to know our clients. With each part of of your web presence, you will have a person specifically trained to make it the best, working toward a common goal: the success of your business.

Search Engine Optimization
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It’s really about answering your ideal clients’ questions (a thing we call “service SEO”) combined with video SEO.  We have the ability to find those questions and make sure you are always there answering them. authenticWEB gets you to #1 where it counts. Each thing we do in our process works toward getting you more traffic from your ideal clients and getting them to call. [Read More]

Website Design
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A great website is an opportunity, not a cost. Your ideal clients see your website more than any other thing you spend money on in your business.  Our designers will work with you to create one based on your goals as well as the latest in design and marketing science.  Our entire process makes your new design more cohesive and also more effective. This is because you have a team that truly understands your objectives, given that, at this point, we have spent a lot of time getting to know your goals. [Read More]

Social Media
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There is way too much social media noise out there, and it’s confusing for even the most savvy of internet users. Since our team gets to know your business, we can help you to create a truly social web presence. We will help you to set up, integrate, and come up with a plan for maintenance. Social search must also be considered as social media and SEO converge. With a complete authenticWEB presence, you will have the platform to grow as social media evolves. [Read More]

Ongoing Evaluation
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It’s all going to change.  That’s the only thing for certain.  Once done with our process, authenticWEB will have created a springboard so you can no longer fear change, but love it instead.  These changes will lead to huge opportunities for success for your business. Our team will evaluate your analytics and talk to you about the successes you are seeing so we can make your web presence more effective, keeping your business growing.