Analysis of Your Web Presence

Once we find out all of this, we will look at your website and analyze as much as possible how it is performing. We will also look to see how things are going from a complete standpoint using a variety of metrics.

We will analyze how your competitors are ranking, the actual depth of their web presence, and especially how competitive they are when it comes to your business goals.

We are going to analyze your Four Pieces of Internet Capital:

  1. Any domains you own
  2. Content under your control
  3. Links to your site
  4. Your online reputation

We are also going to thoroughly analyze how we are going to help you answer the Big Four Questions:

  1. Who are your IDEAL clients?
  2. What are their real questions?
  3. Where are they asking those questions?
  4. How are you going to make sure they think of you when they decide they need help?

This involves things like pagerank, keyword analysis, longtail searches, and social media setup. We also combine current analytics with the latest in marketing science [link to the science behind what we do].

We then congeal all of this analysis into a common goals sheet, a description of your ideal clients, and a list of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

[Click here for more about our process.]