Social Media Strategies for Professionals

Social Media Marketing: Is it really the next big thing?

Social media marketing is just a buzzword for many. The problem is that social media marketing done wrong can actually hurt you. We take not only an authentic approach to social media marketing but also a technical one.

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How to Get Authentic Social Media
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The authenticWEB approach means that your social media is filled with your stories that ring true with your ideal clients.  By helping you identify and listen to your ideal clients, authenticWEB can help you develop a social media strategy.  With authentic online videos, we can help you populate your social media with your story instead of just advertising.  Authentic stories spread, while advertising is ignored.


Social Search: The Technical Aspect of Social Media Marketing for Professionals
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“Social Search” is not the name of the next big dating website.  Rather, social search is the term used for search engines being influenced by your social sphere.  Think about it.  If you ask the question “Who is the best lawyer?” would you want an answer brought by an algorithm that simply uses web links and content, or would you want that answer influenced by your friends’ web use?

Social search is at the core of authenticWEB’s social media and Search Engine Optimization strategy.  Combined with creating stories that spread, we prepare your business for both today’s social media and social media advances of tomorrow.