Better Hosting = Better Business

The authenticWEB hosting package involves more than simply hosting your website. Our hosting offers complete website maintenance. If your site goes down, how much business will you lose? Don’t wait to find out!

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We protect your website from Malware, hackers, and other types of attacks.

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We save you time by adding, updating, and removing content to and from your site.

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We personally handle any and all problems that arise, and most issues are solved in 24 hours or less.

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Protection from Malware and Other Threats

Malware attacks can steal your personal information, alter content on your website, overload your website with ads, send out spam from your email address, or even redirect your website visitors to a different URL.

Your website is the most important part of marketing your business. Protect it from dangerous Malware attacks and other threats with authenticWEB’s premium hosting.

Premium Video Hosting

Our hosting package also includes a Viddler premium business channel. While YouTube is great for visibility, Viddler’s premium hosting offers much better SEO value. Furthermore, when someone clicks on the video, they are directed to your website instead of going to YouTube. This increases the conversion rate of your website (which equals more calls for your business).

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Superior Content Maintenance

Our hosting package includes content maintenance for your website, meaning we will change your photos, add new pages, and publish blog posts you send our way. Better yet, we will make sure the content is optimized using tried-and-true SEO techniques. By frequently adding optimized content to your website, you will gain more traffic and boost your search engine rankings!

A Small Team Means Personal Service

When you get frustrated by your website, we are here. We know your business because we know you, and we will have suggestions for you based on best practices. Better yet, all of our support comes from our small team of experts, meaning your issues will be fixed quickly and effectively.

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An All in One Solution

With authenticWEB’s complete secured hosting, we take care of everything for you.


  • Phone support from our expert team members
  • Email Support
  • Security
    ○ Malware Scanning
    ○ Hacker Monitoring
    ○ Fixes for security related issues
  • Automated offsite backups
  • Swap up to 30 photos per quarter
  • Up to 30 content updates per quarter
  • Unlimited self-­serve content updates
  • Site optimization for speed
  • Secure contact forms with intake backup
  • WordPress basic technical support
  • Viddler premium hosting with up to 2GB of video transfer
  • 30% off any hourly work
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We cover most tasks you would want done to and for your website:

Want to publish a blog post every week? Send it to us.

Need to add a new contact form? We can help.

­ Have a question about best practices for categorizing those blog posts? Call us.

Want to rearrange your navigation? Done.

Need an employee removed from the site? Call us, it’s included.

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$125 per month

$50 per month for additional sites.

No contracts. All-inclusive.

Pay for the entire year to receive 15% off!

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