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New Directory Site Launched for TXFederalDefense.com

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new directory for three prominent Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys, TXFederalDefense.com. Our team was tasked with developing a clean, minimalist, interactive page to help users find information more quickly and efficiently. Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, and Richard Esper are federal criminal defense attorneys and considered to be […]

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New Site Launched for Equity Search Inc.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly designed website for Equity Search Inc. Our team was tasked with developing a new long form layout design that improves the communication of the business story to engage potential clients.  We also have added the case story feature with video design animation, and mobile responsiveness to […]

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Problems with the IRS, but Not with Our New Site for Local Tax Firm

At some point or another, everybody runs into trouble with their taxes. With such a complicated system in place it’s easy to get lost and miss important documents. When you’re battling the IRS, you need a sturdy shield to help you defend yourself. IRS1099.com needed a new website that communicates confidence, experience, information and their […]

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Website Redesign Emphasizes Community for Foster Graham

Becoming a part of the neighborhood is something that many businesses strive for, but often aren’t able to do. Making a client feel like they’re talking to their next-door neighbor opens up trust and opportunities that are hard to come by. Foster, Graham, Milstein and Calisher (FGMC) approached us with the goal of creating a […]

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Make Your Social Media More ‘Social’

One of the worst things you can do on your business’s social media sites is to strictly post information – random articles about your industry that don’t connect you with your audience. We’ve talked in the past about sharing your stories on social media. This week, I encourage you to take your social media a […]

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