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New Directory Site Launched for TXFederalDefense.com

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new directory for three prominent Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys, TXFederalDefense.com. Our team was tasked with developing a clean, minimalist, interactive page to help users find information more quickly and efficiently. Brent Mayr, Paul Schiffer, and Richard Esper are federal criminal defense attorneys and considered to be […]

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New Site, Same Mission for Isaacs & Reid

When it comes to family and marital law, clients require a lot of resources, education and, most importantly, communication with their attorney. The law firm of Isaacs & Reid approached us to help them redesign their website to reflect their dedication to those needs. Our designers began with a general appearance update, and later added […]

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3 Major Mistakes You Could Be Making While Making a Website

While creating your business’s website, you could be making three major mistakes costing you your potential clients. Measure twice, cut once When designers are laying out your website, they are trying to figure out the optimal way to draw the eye to your important content. If they are unaware of what is important to your […]

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The Sidebar: Glorious Rectangle of Your Success

The sidebar, that beautifully placed rectangle glued to the side of your webpage.  It beckons to you, makes you want to explore and provides you with valuable information on every single page.  At times it provides a conveniently placed gateway to all of your social media.  At other times it gives users of your site […]

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The Power of Full-Width Video Backgrounds

Video continues to evolve into a more effective and powerful storytelling medium on the web. With improvements in technology and web development techniques, video is being displayed on websites in creative ways that would have been impossible just a few years ago. You have literally seconds to engage a client with your website and one […]

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