How Video Marketing For Software Companies Can Surge Online Presence

As a software company owner, you probably already know the struggle of marketing a complex product to an online crowd who seeks quick and easy information. But just because your product can’t be explained in three words or less, it doesn’t mean you have to give up trying to show it off to an online audience.
In our experience, video production for software companies is one of the most effective ways to engage with online visitors and convert them to leads. Making your software easily understandable and accessible to the general public allows them to clearly see how it can help their situation. Here are a few reasons we emphasize video marketing for software companies.

We want them to know who you are and what you’ve got.

When someone is searching the Internet for software to solve a problem they have, a simple video will win over a complicated article every time. Video content gives you the ability to tell your story face to face and explain how your product can directly help someone.

Showing your personality, telling your business’s story, and answering frequently asked questions about your product in a video format creates engaging and real content. Intriguing website visitors and laying out how you can help them get to a better situation creates more conversions. Your visitors are faster to trust, respect, and like you and your product after watching your video.

SEO is important for any business, by our winning combination we make your business the authority.

We want to drive quality traffic to your website.



Most people prefer to receive information in a video format as opposed to written content. Search engines know this preference of the general public, so videos get top priority. This helps your site with search engine optimization. Since YouTube is currently the second most popular search engine, we highlight video production for software companies to increase traffic.

Videos are easily sharable content and have the ability to go viral, which can lead to exponential traffic and higher conversion rates. The beauty of video marketing for software companies is that it’s always linked back to your site, your company, and your product. So, the more shares, the merrier!

We want to put you in front of the right clients.

Tons of website traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert into business. If the wrong people are coming to your website with no interest or need for your product, you’re just spinning your wheels. Video content is a better way to find the right clients at the exact time that they’re trying to solve a problem your product can address.

Posting online videos can allow your company to come up in long-tail search results, which drives the right clients to your site. So, someone who’s searching for ‘insurance agency content management software’ is obviously ready to get a software problem solved as soon as possible.

Attract the Right Clients


Video marketing for software companies in that industry can make them one of the first to show up in search engine results, linking the right potential client to the right company.

We can’t stress the importance and value of high quality video production for software companies enough. We help all our clients to create relevant video content they can use on their website and other online platforms for years to come. With case study videos, bio videos, FAQ videos, video sales letters, blog post videos, website videos, and Facebook ad videos, it’s no wonder our clients are experiencing high search engine rankings and tons of conversions.

Let us help you tell your story and personally connect with potential clients today!