Why We Strongly Encourage Video Production for Attorneys

Local attorneys are in a very competitive market so our goal is to create a strong web presence and unique online story for them. And, who can tell the unique story of their business better than the business owners themselves?

We use video production for lawyers as a prominent way to increase search engine optimization and the lead conversion. As an attorney, the best thing you can do is to connect directly to the masses while showing how knowledgeable you are in your field.

 Here are a few ways we help you use video production to achieve your online marketing goals.

1.) Show Them Who You Are and Tell Your Story

Attorneys can sometimes get a bad rep and an intimidation factor may be what stops potential clients from contacting them. Showing off your personality and connection to people in a live video is one of the best ways to display to potential clients you’re an honest, hardworking business owner who’s easily approachable and ready to fight for their cause.

Telling the story of your business, how you got started, and talking about past clients you’ve helped will speak volumes to the online masses. Everyone loves a good story so telling the authentic story of your business and yourself is a great way to establish a strong connection to your visitors and get them engaged.

2.) Increase Your Traffic and Search Engine Optimization


YouTube is the second biggest search engine right now. That’s because most Internet users are more likely to watch a video to learn about a subject than to read an article or make a phone call.

Video production for attorneys takes minimal time to create and is easily optimized for search engines, driving large amounts of traffic to your site. Video content is also one of the easiest and most accessible forms of online media to share. And the more shares, the better! You’re the star of your videos, so no matter where or who shares them, all signs point back to you and your business.

3.) Connect to the Right Client at the Right Time

Potential clients connect more to you and what you do through video because you’re talking directly to them. Video allows you to express emotions, show empathy, and display how you relate to clients and understand their situation. While knowledgeable written online content is also great, it doesn’t provide the same human connection and expression that video can.

All anyone wants is to find someone who understands his or her problem, knows how it feels to experience it, and can identify the best way to solve it. Video production for attorneys allows them to show their competency at the exact moment a potential client is searching for a professional in the field. Connecting to the right client at the right time is important for quick but qualified conversions.

Attract the Right Clients

There are many forms of video production for attorneys that have proven successful. We help our clients create quality Facebook ad videos, website videos, blog post videos, video sales letters, FAQ videos, bio videos, and case study videos, just to name a few. Adding relevant video content to your online arsenal may be one of your smartest online marketing moves to date.

Let us help you tell your story and personally connect with potential clients today!