Online Video Creation for Personal Injury Attorneys

The Key To More Personal Injury Clients Through Online Video

Why do you need online videos? YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. When your videos pop up in search results on YouTube, it results in much higher clickthroughs for your website. Additionally, videos increase the amount of time potential clients spend on your site which ultimately leads to more calls and more cases for you.

Think for a second: why do people hire Personal Injury Attorneys?  Your experience? Guess what, most don’t understand your experience (at first).  Your track record?  Eventually, that might matter.  Once they find you, the first reason people consider you is an emotional response to YOU.

How many clients that walk through the door hire you?  If you are a good Personal Injury Attorney, probably a high percentage.  This is because of both the things you say and the way you present yourself.  As humans, we buy through emotion, then back it up with facts (your track record, your unique value propositions).

Sell with your Story and Bulletproof your Marketing for your Personal Injury Law Firm

You experience is not your story.  Your story is what resonates with your clients.  It might be a combination of background and value.  Through our authenticWEB video creation process, we do a series of interviews and create documentary style videos that are the story of your business and how it relates to prospects’ needs.  This creates that same emotional response.  It’s bulletproof because if you are still practicing in personal injury, you have proven your story sells.  We are helping adapt it to the web.

No Scripts. No Actors. Just Authentic You.

We don’t expect you to act. In fact, when you read from a script you miss out on “micro expressions.”  Have you ever been instantly able to tell when someone is genuine or trying to pull one over?

Multiple Video Strategy

People want to watch a video that answers their question, whether that question is “Who is the best attorney for car accidents?” or “What is subrogation?” These are questions potential accident victims might be too embarrassed to ask you or not even know to ask you.  Now, when YOU answer those questions through videos, you improve your authority.  You also get another chance to tell a little bit of your story.

authenticWEB’s Proven Video Process for getting more Personal Injury Clients

Just turn on the camera and shoot, right?  No way.  While our videos look natural, it comes from years of honing a process made specifically for marketing your Personal Injury Law Firm on the web.  The videos are not commercials.  We observe analytics, including keywords, drop off points, and volume of watchers.  We then use proven buying signals in the timing and production of your law firm’s videos.

It’s Art and Science

It’s pretty obvious that there is an art to creating both engaging and converting videos.  There is also a science.  Besides observing analytics, we use several scientifically proven sales techniques in the creation of the videos for your Personal Injury Law Firm. We will create videos that we know people are searching for, then use the timing described by marketing pioneers like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell and Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Do you want higher rankings or more qualified callers for your personal injury firm? Listen to Google.

Having a great volume of video content ensures you have more engaging content.  That is Google’s rule for better visibility for your website.  How do you get more qualified clients?  You do that by describing how your services work in many smaller videos as they move through the web.

The authenticWEB video process also helps you to engage the Long Tail Search.  People don’t simply type in Personal Injury Attorney and give you a call.  They ask multiple questions about your law firm.

Videos not only increase traffic, but the value of all of all of your other law firm marketing.

Our video creation system is design to uncover, shape and hone your story.  The authenticWEB video system will also hit all of the buying triggers of potential clients for your Personal Injury Law Firm, whether they are looking to maximize their recovery or figure out to what to do with their lost wages.

Our video production is led by a marketing consultant.  Imagine spending a day with a marketing consultant dedicated to your law firm’s success, having that filmed, catalogued and shared with your marketing team. Additionally, each video goes through a 7-stage, 25-point quality and effectiveness process.

Video at a whole new level gets a whole new level of Personal Injury Clients for your your firm.

At authenticWEB, we realize that those in need of the an attorney after an accident have a lot of questions.  The way they are asking those questions – Google, Facebook and other new platforms – is always changing.

Your story is evolving, as is SEO and Online Marketing.

We have taken Video Performance for Personal Injury Law Firm’s to a whole new level.

We have upped the game when it comes to online marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys.

F1logo_smIt is called F1 Ultimate Performance Marketing.  Led by Ian Garlic it is limited to only a few personal injury law firms throughout the country.  We are shooting, distributing and incorporating videos in whole new ways, at completely different points in the Personal Injury Law Client’s buying process.

If you are ready for a supercharged level of video and online marketing performance for your Personal Injury Law Firm, set up a strategy session with authenticWEB’s CEO, Ian Garlic.

In the end, it’s all about more clients.  Wherever you are in the development of your Personal Injury Practice, authenticWEB will get you higher traffic, improve your authority and get you more clients.


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