Website Design for Personal Injury Attorneys

High Converting Websites that tell your story

Personal Injury Law Firm Website Design is not the same as any other type of web design, including other law firms.  Accidents do not have a specific demographic, and while your current law firm demographic may be skewed, you still need to consider a wide audience.

For your Personal Injury Law Firm, you need a unique site that is designed for your ideal clients that conveys your story. Think about it: more people see your website than your office, business cards, brochures, and suits COMBINED.  Every other piece of marketing funnels to your site, so it needs to be designed to convert and tell a story.  Those pieces must be designed for your ideal types of cases.

Car accident victims think and decide differently from divorce clients or criminal defense clients, so why design the websites the same way?

Storytelling is key to great website design. Telling an authentic story through website design, SEO and online video is what makes every authenticWEB client so successful.

Here is a checklist for creating a great personal injury website:

The Compulsories for Website Design for Personal Injury Law Firms

  • Designed with your Ideal Client in Mind
  • Created in Modern Style
  • Responsive (adapts to any size mobile device)
  • Tells a Story
  • Highlights Unique Value Proposition
  • Has definitive Calls To Action
  • Has Multiple Stages of CTAs
  • Displays Authority
  • Cross Browser Compatible

Don’t forget to be cohesive.

All of your marketing needs cohesion.  Your website design should match your videos, reflect any other marketing material, and fit with the message you portray to any clients.  With one of our complete packages, we will make sure that your internet marketing is streamlined as we will be integrating our SEO strategies for your Personal Injury Law Firm, as well as creating authentic online videos for your firm.  Your entire marketing campaign will seamlessly integrate.

Trust a Designer, Find One that Knows Your Business

At authenticWEB, we have been working with law firms for years and have built hundreds of sites.  We stay up to date in the latest in design, while making sure it fits the needs of your Personal Injury Law Firm and your prospects.

The Simple Secret of Site Design that Gets More Personal Injury Clients

Know your ideal types of Personal Injury Cases and design for it.  Think about it.  You want the website for your football team to look and work differently from the website from where you buy a television.  Our consultants at authenticWEB will get to know your goals and your ideal clients.  So will everyone else, including your website designer.  We will then create a website experience for your ideal clients that leads to more phone calls for your Personal Injury Law Firm.

While we use cutting edge techniques, you may be interested in the next level of marketing for your law firm.

F1logo_smIf you want to take your complete marketing to the next level, F1 Ultimate Performance Marketing with Ian Garlic may be for you.  This includes cutting edge website design, SEO video, and consultation.  Ian has helped Personal Injury Law Firms succeed in the most competitive geographies.  He has  opened a few more spots to work directly with Personal Injury Law Firms on the latest in internet marketing.  Click here to learn more.