Deadly Marketing Mistake #3: Having a Scripted, Poorly Produced Video

There is little worse than a scripted video for services.  I think having no video is a mistake, but poorly produced, scripted video is a bigger mistake. Scripted videos lead to several problems for personal injury attorneys: possibly coming off as inept or even as a  liar to potential clients, as well as to insurance companies or juries.

Can you “tell” when someone is lying to you?

Here is the science behind it.  The human face makes 60,000 different expressions.  Some of those are called “micro expressions.”  Ever seen the show “Lie to Me”?  It’s a great TV show based on the work of Paul Ekman.  Paul Ekman discovered and catalogued these micro expressions.  The human face displays your true emotions in these micro expressions.  They are so inherently connected, that if you “fake” the micro expression for disgust without feeling it, you actually trigger the part of the brain that feels disgust.

You cannot avoid having micro expressions in your video.

As humans, we become adept at subconsciously reading these micro expressions.  Most often that is how you know when someone is lying, or embarrassed, or ashamed. Imagine what poor micro expressions can do for you. When you have a scripted video, you are not exhibiting these micro expressions or you are exhibiting the wrong ones.  This means an underlying feeling of lack of authenticity to viewers, and you coming across the wrong way.  This is why we cringe when we watch bad acting.

Inauthentic Video hurts multiple aspects of your practice.

This means you can come off as a unapproachable to potential clients.

Another thing is that you might come off as inauthentic or worse, as a liar to insurance companies and possibly juries. They will look at your website.

On the other hand, a well done authentic video can endear you to all groups and trigger emotional buying responses. The science is here to support this, but I am keeping this post short.

So how do you make an authentic video?

There are three key things.

  2. Find a great interviewer.
  3. Edit it down to the most authentic parts.

Of course you can hire authenticWEB. Even if you don’t hire aW, please avoid the scripts and make it a discussion.

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