Deadly Marketing Mistake #4: Personal Injury Attorneys Without Ideal Clients are Seriously Wasting Marketing Dollars.

An ideal client is your dream book of business. Most business people are afraid of shrinking their target base because it will mean less money.  This is a common fallacy.  Laser focus leads to better results for many reasons.

What are Ideal Clients for Personal Injury Lawyers?

As a personal injury attorney, you should have a top two or three for types of cases that you target at any given time.  This is not to say that you do not accept other types of cases. You just have a targeted type of case.  Then within that category, you have ideal clients. These are demographics of decision makers. Still beyond simple demographics should be the stories of these people.  We all think in narratives of ourselves and understanding the story of these people is important.

Having an ideal client in mind will make your videos more authentic, let you quickly make website decisions, and help you to decide what social media sites you should be focusing on.

Ideal Clients Lead to REAL Success.

This should not JUST be about dollar value, this should be about your overall happiness.  What is true success to you?  More time with your family?  Feeling good about your work? Challenging yourself? Yes, the pure dollars and cents are important.  If you do not have the bankroll to survive large Medical Malpractice cases, don’t do it.

How I Decided on My Ideal Clients.

For me, one of my ideal clients are top level personal injury attorneys.  The glaring reason is that it’s a big money game.  I am not money motivated though.  The money allows me to hire an awesome team.  Focusing on top level personal injury attorneys’ marketing is an art form because each is different.  Also, PI attorneys generally have a good marketing base.  I prefer not to have to individually educate clients on the basics.  I would rather talk about the “next big level” and keep innovating.

From a spiritual standpoint, I have been personally touched by accidents and injury.  I know the help a great personal injury attorney provides.  Having interviewed many personal injury clients, I can also say that my clients do truly important work.

As an entrepreneur, it’s tough to say I focus on one type of client, but it provides clarity.

Right now, start to paint the picture of your ideal clients.  If you need help doing this, give us a call.