New Website Launched for Pennsylvania Pain Management Center, Center for Interventional Pain and Spine.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new website for the Center for Interventional Pain and Spine, a Pennsylvania Pain Management Center. Our team took on a relaxing and calming energy to create a space for potential visitors to easily engage and discover more about the center and their staff.

New Design

By taking on a potential client’s perspective, the team created a space to give visitors a chance to explore the center’s healing options without stress. Our team worked to emphasize a pleasing, relaxing design and color scheme, bringing a calming energy to potential visitors.

Because the Center for Interventional Pain and Spine has multiple locations and various doctors at each location, we aimed to bring focus to those locations and give viewers an easy way to discover where their preferred doctors are available.

CenterISP Before-After Blog Promo

“AuthenticWEB has been a pleasure to work with. Their guidance, attention to detail, good communication and patience through the web development process was nothing less than amazing. I look forward to a long lasting relationship.” – Stefanie Paulus, Business Manager, Center for Interventional Pain and Spine

By creating a full-width, long scrolling homepage, strong calls to action and a mobile responsive design, our team accomplished the center’s goals and set them up for future expansion by preparing the page to adapt additional videos and other valuable content. Be sure to take a look at the new website for the Center for Interventional Pain and Spine, here.

About the Center for Interventional Pain and Spine:

By utilizing a team of compassionate clinical professionals and a devoted administrative support staff, the center strives to provide state-of-the-art multidisciplinary team approach to pain relief through consultation, education and ongoing care. Their mission is to maximize pain relief for those who suffer from debilitating conditions. Their commitment to this mission means they dedicate themselves to providing and maintaining a superior quality care of patients.