New Day Children’s Theatre

New Day Children’s Theatre

Project Description

The New Day Children’s Theatre website sought to bring a more playful style to the theatre’s web presence while allowing for a more easily navigated user experience. The new site also implemented a full-width long scrolling design and a mobile responsive build to work across desktops and mobile devices.

New Day Children’s Theatre provides theatrical exposure to children and youth of all experience levels. New Day provides a nurturing environment where children come together to build relationships and develop character through mutual respect and teamwork. It is a safe place to express their creativity. At New Day the kids participate in all aspects of the production, from acting to lights to taking tickets at the door. The process of the theatrical experience is as important as the product and equal weight is placed on education and fun. Whether center-stage or behind the scenes, and regardless of experience level, there is a place for every child at New Day.

Project Details

Client New Day Childrens Theatre
Industry Entertainment
Product Website