Video Marketing, and 6 Reasons Why It’s Important

Most company’s marketing strategies are starting to become dated. There’s too much emphasis on traditional methods with no interest in trying out something new. Does it work? Probably. After all, there is a reason these became standard practices and have survived decades of makeovers in the marketing world. However, many lose out on growth opportunities because they won’t spend time working with newer techniques, such as videos.

Videos are the way of the future for digital marketing. It’s not just a wall of text on a webpage, a photo or newsletter. It’s a living, breathing human being telling a story directly to them. It’s intimate, it’s informational and, best of all, it’s entertaining. People won’t just hear about your company or offers, they’ll enjoy doing it!

Think about it. You and your employees are what closes the sale at the end of the day. Your marketing efforts and newsletters may generate interest, but it’s the human connection which ultimately makes the decision. Do people feel you’re the authority? Do they feel like they know you? Has an emotional connection been made? In a perfect world, you’d have enough time in the day to carry out regular tasks, get in touch with prospects and maybe even beat rush hour home. But anyone who has ever sat down at a desk knows that’s not possible.

Video removes the need to personally meet each and every prospect. Additionally, it helps filter out window shoppers and delivers more serious clients to your door. Video marketing gives customers 24/7 access to information about your company, how you operate, FAQs and even case studies from people just like them. It creates the emotional connection for you and begins building a relationship at the prospect’s convenience, while you handle business as normal.

Don’t believe us? There are dozens of studies out there about it’s effectiveness. These are just some of the interesting results they have dug up.

  1. One minute of video is equivalent to roughly 1.8 million words (source).
  2. Internet videos are expected to make up 80% of all traffic by 2018 (source).
  3. Video marketing increased effectiveness of efforts for 87% of companies who engaged in it in 2015 (source).
  4. 70% of those further stated it’s their most effective tool (source).
  5. 57% of consumers agree that videos gave them confidence in their purchase decision (source).
  6. The mere mention of the word video in the subject line of an email has boosted conversion rates an average of 13% (source).

Looking to unlock the potential of videos with your business? authenticWEB was started by Ian Garlic and Jessica Curry — fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web.  They realized that every small business has a unique story, and unique value to its clients. They also saw that most marketing professionals often treat businesses like products.  In doing so, these marketing professionals lose opportunities, and find themselves unable to convey the business’s message.