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Prior to founding authenticWEB, Ian worked in New York City as an Internet Marketing Consultant for Thompson Reuters, the world's largest information company. He teaches internet marketing and SEO and ...

6 Easy Steps to Creating Valuable Video Content that Converts

Producing video content can seem like an intimidating and technical process, leading many business owners to shy away from it completely. But, they’re missing out on tons of conversions and potential business. These leads are surfing away to competitors’ sites that do provide informative videos. So, what’s stopping business owners from producing this influential content […]

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Logos Suck!

Why does logo design suck? It sucks the life out of your business! Spend time where it counts, on marketing, on understanding your story, crafting it, connecting it and sharing it. You want your logo to represent your story. You should know: Who your clients are The story you want to tell them How it […]

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Make Your Law Firm’s Marketing 3 Times More Effective

You finally found it. The one thing that separates good law firms from great law firms.   It’s not legal prowess. It’s identifying your ideal clients. The most specialized attorneys, doctors, and [INSERT ANY PROFESSION] reach the greatest success. The greatest internet marketers succeed by focusing on one avatar (ideal client). When you focus on […]

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“The Dress” and the Fundamental Attribution Error

The Black/Blue and White/Gold dress situation caused a stir at my house. My wife and I work in essentially artistic fields, so color is often a topic. My wife, Jessica, has a Masters in design from NYU and worked in animation on motion pictures and now teaches web design. She should get colors right, so […]

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How Online Video Can Get You More Customers

The last few weeks, we’ve talked about defining your buyer’s process to streamline your selling process and create opportunities to start more conversations with your ideal clients. This week, I want to talk about addressing each of those issues or points of conversation on video. Because you’ve already pinpointed instances along the buying process where […]

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