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Prior to founding authenticWEB, Ian worked in New York City as an Internet Marketing Consultant for Thompson Reuters, the world's largest information company. He teaches internet marketing and SEO and ...

How to Make a Great Logo

Some of you may ask – why is a video marketing dude telling me about logos? That is actually a good question. However, I’ve been involved in a lot of the creation of logos, because this is a part of video marketing. Being a marketing consultant, I have been involved in the creation of some […]

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How to Ask for Great Testimonials

Let’s take a step back: what’s the goal of getting a case story, or a case study? Normally, it’s about getting leads and telling a story. You want someone to connect with your customer. You want your prospects to remember you, and to endear your authenticity, and convert more by helping them realise your authority. […]

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What Makes A Good Case Study

What makes a good case study? A good video case study always tells a story. Unfortunately, not all video case studies get this right because they always rely on data like numbers and outlines – which is why audiences don’t normally remember the stories they tell. The perfect video case story is the one that […]

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6 Easy Steps to Creating Valuable Video Content that Converts

Producing video content can seem like an intimidating and technical process, leading many business owners to shy away from it completely. But, they’re missing out on tons of conversions and potential business. These leads are surfing away to competitors’ sites that do provide informative videos. So, what’s stopping business owners from producing this influential content […]

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Logos Suck!

Why does logo design suck? It sucks the life out of your business! Spend time where it counts, on marketing, on understanding your story, crafting it, connecting it and sharing it. You want your logo to represent your story. You should know: Who your clients are The story you want to tell them How it […]

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