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Are you looking for a new video production company?

You’ve come to the right place. We are authenticWEB, and we produce videos that get results. Our video experts know how important it is to have a strong online presence in today’s market, so we want to help your business grow by creating high-quality videos that will capture your audience and drive traffic back to your website.

Our Orlando video production team can create any type of video you need – from video case stories (read on to why you don’t want video testimonials for your business), YouTube videos, Facebook ads, product demonstrations, and explainer videos, all the way up to full-length feature films! And with our competitive pricing structure, there won’t be any reason not to give us a call today!

If you want more leads and sales for your business then this is what you should do… Call us or click here now! Our initial call only takes 14 minutes of time out of your day but could mean hundreds of thousands in revenue for years down the road. Video is moving fast. Don’t take a chance on anyone but the best.

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Orlando video production company, authenticWEB specializes in video production services for Orlando businesses and companies throughout the country. Based in Orlando, the best digital marketing agencies and smartest companies call on us to travel throughout the world to tell their story through video.

Our video production capabilities include Corporate Video, Film Production, Video Testimonial Production, About Us Videos, and more. We are the premier corporate video production company in Orlando FL with over 12 years of experience producing video content for various companies.

Our Video Production Company is more than pretty videos. Our Video team knows how to create videos that get results.

We’ll create a video strategy and produce videos for you that improve Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Profits.

Our postproduction team will produce videos designed specifically for:

  • YouTube (The #2 most used Search Engine)
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Email Campaigns
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Tradeshows

These videos help increase traffic to your website, help you rank higher in the search engines, and increase conversions.

We are an Orlando video production company with an emphasis on producing high-quality videos that will get results for our clients.

We have extensive experience creating content and supporting businesses of all sizes across various industries including digital agencies, law firms, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, and healthcare. Our authenticWEB filmmaking experts have produced videos that have yielded millions of dollars in results for our clients.

Making Videos that Work in Every Part of Your Company

Video is hot. Our Video Experts know how to make a variety of types of videos that will build every part of your business.

Videos to Drive Online Traffic

Videos created correctly drive the highest quality online traffic to your website. Your video content will reach thousands of people and increase your online sales.

Videos That Convert to Leads & Sales

Your video should be designed for conversions so you can get the highest quality leads and sales from it. Our video experts know how to create videos that not only entertain but convert viewers into customers.

Videos to Improve Your Company Website

You might not need a new website. You might just need great videos to create strong messaging for your visitors. Expensive Web Development takes a lot of time. The biggest mistake in web design is not spending enough time on high-quality, engaging content.

Our video experts understand how to find that content. Video Case Stories (NEVER Video Testimonials), About Us Videos, and Process Videos will make your website stand out.

Video Blog Posts, Video FAQs, Microcontent Videos, and How-To Videos will bring better traffic to your website. This can often be done without ever thinking about building a new website.

If you do need a new website, our founder is also the Department Chair of UI/UX degree at the nation’s largest Digital Arts School.

Improve Sales Performance Through Videos

15 years ago, our founder started to capture client stories on video (not Video Testimonials) to help improve his consulting sales. Since then, we have been incorporating video throughout the entire sales process.

There are many places to use video in the sales process.

Video throughout the sales process will be your secret sales weapon. Our marketing services will supercharge your sales efforts.

The Sales Person’s #1 Weapon: Video Storytelling

The best salespeople are the best storytellers. The best storytellers have a large number of stories and content for any occasion. Our Video Marketing Agency has over a decade of experience collecting those stories, producing the videos, and creating strategies for their use.

Videos for Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting is one of the toughest parts of sales. Video will help by removing the barriers of video calling and texting to set up meetings.

Video to Engage Prospects

The first two questions in any prospects’ mind are:

“Do you understand my problems and my goals?”

“Have you helped someone like me achieve what they want?”

Video Case Stories, Process Videos, Video Blog Posts, and Servicemercials will help to do exactly this. They will shorten the sales cycle and make your company the only choice.

Video to Follow up with Prospects

The Fortune is in the Follow Up. Salespeople often struggle with great follow-up. They simply bother clients. Having a variety of video content, including Video Case Stories, How-To Videos, and Video Blog posts to share makes follow-up easy and highly customized.

Close 32% More Sales Proposals with Video

A recent study shows that including video in online proposal software will increase the close rate by 32%. Our video marketing experts will help your company to produce videos that will help you do just this.

Orlando’s Top Video Production Company is also Orlando’s #1 Video Marketing Agency

Your Video Production Team for your business should be experts in Video Marketing as well. authenticWEB’s team of experts will produce videos that work for every platform your company needs to be on.

Facebook Video Services

Facebook videos should be between 30-60 seconds. This video will be mostly seen on mobile devices, keep this in mind when filming your video.

YouTube Video Services

YouTube videos should have a length of over one minute 20 seconds because the viewer is sitting at their computer screen. Youtube rewards longer videos if they are viewed completely.

LinkedIn Video Services

LinkedIn Video is for business video that is between three and a half minutes. LinkedIn Video viewing is on the rise. LinkedIn is critical if you are a business in the B2B space.

Instagram Video Production

Instagram video should be under one minute because the viewer will only see your video when they scroll by it on their feed. Instagram videos can also have sound turned off, which makes it even more important to capture viewers’ attention immediately at the very beginning of the video.

Instagram Story Marketing

Instagram video can be used to share videos on your story. This is a new feature that allows the user to create stories of multiple videos and images strung together in chronological order, with each piece lasting up to 24 hours (in most cases). Instagram video has sound turned off by default, but you may include it if your video or photo content

Tik Tok Video Marketing

Tik Tok video for business is an effective video marketing tool that was launched in 2015. It has since become one of the most popular video apps on Android and Apple phones with over 800 million users worldwide. Tik Tok video’s success lies within its ability to allow brands, businesses, or individuals to connect with their audience by creating fun videos showcasing product information or special offers.

Orlando’s Video Storytelling Experts will help you get results by video.

Video Testimonials, AKA Video Case stories, are the most effective way to use video for your business, products, or services online and offline.

Our team of experts at our Orlando Video Production Company has helped hundreds of businesses gain more traffic, leads, and sales using video case stories production. We have a proven track record in creating videos that increase rankings and generate organic traffic & conversions from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc…

Our video marketing strategies work best when combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques including keyword optimization on website pages as well as title tags & meta description- which will be shown on the search engine result page. In other words, we produce content that is SEO-friendly!

YOUTUBE is the #2 Search Engine.

You should make sure your Video Production Company is an expert on YouTube and the other major platforms. You can’t survive video marketing if you are an expert in only one video platform!

Producing Different Types of Video For Your Business

No one video will transform your business. Your company needs a variety of types of videos to become dominant in your space.

Our video team will help you produce:

  • Video Case Stories (You don’t want Video Testimonials)
  • About Us Videos
  • Bio Videos
  • Company Overview Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Videos Selling Specific Services
  • “How To” Videos and Video Courses
  • Explainer Videos
  • Process Videos
  • Video Blogs or Vlogs
  • Video FAQs or “Frequently Asked Questions”
  • Corporate Brand Videos

Looking for Video Testimonial Production in Orlando?

Stop right there. We are the leaders in the Production of Video Case Stories.

Video Testimonials Do Not Get Results.

Video Case Stories will increase rankings, traffic, and conversions. Videos of your customers and clients are your most important asset. Trust only the best Video Testimonial Production, authenticWEB, with this precious resource

Our Video Production Company will help you to create Video Testimonials, AKA Video Case Stories, that can be used on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Your Website. Each video should be produced for a different platform.

About Us video Production Company

The About Us page is the #2 most used page on most websites. It’s where people go to know, like, and trust you. Our Orlando Video Production Company has produced About Us videos that get results.

We incorporate elements of Video Testimonials, Animation, Images, and Motion Graphics to make your About Us video About Them.

Animated Videos for your business are a great way to get your video marketing message out.

Animation, especially animated text video, can be used to convey messages in a way that video images alone cannot.

Animated videos make it easy for the viewer to understand information quickly and simply. You will not have problems with comprehension or understanding, which you might get when showing videos of people talking. It is also important because animation videos are simple, engaging, and entertaining at the same time.

“How To” Video Production

Whatever your business, how-to videos will produce a video marketing message in the form of a video tutorial, a process, or a series of steps to achieve a goal.

Animated tutorials work well as they can show the viewer each step in simple, easy-to-understand pictures and words.

“How to” videos make you the expert.

Microcontent Video Creation

Microcontent Videos are short (usually under 30 seconds), pithy videos. Microcontent videos usually have text overlays. This includes animated text captions and headlines. These types of videos help businesses stay in front of prospects, grabbing their attention. Our video strategists use Microcontent videos to “stop the scroll.”

Video Blog Posts Creation for Businesses

Video blogs for businesses are video versions of popular blog posts. Video blogs contain varieties of types of information. Video blogs can expound on certain topics. Video blogs will increase traffic, rankings, and improve email content and follow up

Video FAQ Production

Frequently Asked Questions Video Production is video that displays questions that are frequently asked by visitors on your website or emails that you can answer quickly in video form.

The FAQ video message creates trust with the viewer because it shows how knowledgeable, proficient, and professional you are about your business. Viewers like to know they can ask anything without feeling embarrassed or stupid for not knowing.

Video FAQs will increase rankings

This video production method is useful for video SEO purposes. Search engines love video content because it’s high in keyword density and Google has declared that video itself will be a key ranking factor by 2020.

However, you need to ensure your video FAQs are optimized correctly with the correct keywords throughout the script to take full advantage of this benefit.

Video FAQs will save you time.

Creating video FAQs takes a lot less time than writing an article or blog post as long as you have the right video equipment and software. With video production services from us, we can help make your video FAQs come to life with our extensive video production experience.

Video FAQs will improve customer relations.

If customers are having questions over and over, you can give a consistent answer with video FAQs which will help improve your customer relations.

Video FAQs are easy to share on social media.

If you have a video FAQ, it’ll be simple for people to promote and re-share the video through Facebook or Twitter. This also helps increase brand awareness by putting yourself out there more often

About Us Video Services

About Us videos are best for showcasing who you are and what your business is about. Our video production company can help create something that will stand out to people so that they want to learn more. The video should be informative but also entertaining at the same time

An About Us video could include showing off your office or employees and talking about why you got started in the first place. Our team will weave in your Video Case Stories, as well as important facts and figures into your About Us Video.

Bio Video Production

Bio videos for you and your team help your customers and clients put a face and voice to the name. The video should be short and to the point, highlighting who you are and what your company does for people.

Bio Videos will help to make your team the expert.

Brand Videos should tell the story of your company, product, or service in video form.

A video production company can help you create that story and turn your idea into a reality.

A video is one of the best ways for businesses to get their message across these days. The reason behind it is simple- people love videos! If done correctly, they give viewers great information quickly without having to search for the answers.

Better Social Media Marketing Through Video Production

Social Media Marketing needs to be, well, social. Video production companies understand this and can help your video stand out from the rest.

With video production, you’re creating a more personal connection with your audience on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. This helps to build better relationships with them as well as improve sales opportunities for future products or services.

Video Production Will Take Your Social Media to the Next Level.

Remote Video Testimonial Production (Video Case Stories)

Sometimes your clients can’t come to a video shoot. Sometimes they don’t want to be in front of video cameras. Our video production services include Remote Video Testimonial Production AKA Video Case Stories. (We don’t like the word video testimonials in cases you haven’t noticed.)

Looking for the Best Orlando Video Production Company?

Ask these questions of your Video Agency

IF you want to find the Best Orlando Video Production Agency for your business, there are several things you should ask.

First, how well does your Video Production company know marketing?

Our Founder, Ian Garlic, has written several video marketing books. He has hosted over 300 episodes of his marketing podcast, The Garlic Marketing Show. Ian has created over a dozen courses on Video Marketing and coaches other Video Production Agencies. He’s got a big head and it’s filled with all things video production and video marketing.

How well does your Video Production Company understand YOUR business?

The #2 thing you should ask any Video Production team is how well they know your business. Our Video Production team will get to know the ins and outs of your business, your business goals, and your industry. The best Video Production company will make you the ONLY choice for your perfect prospects. Our video experts have deep experience in the legal, healthcare, business consulting, and digital agency spaces.

How well does your Video Production company know Your Prospect’s Journey?

Your prospect’s story is the most important story to understand when considering video production. Our Video Agency at authenticWEB will help you to create ten different types of video for every part of the journey. When your videos are properly crafted along the entire journey, video production works not only to drive leads. Video production for the entire customer journey will also make you the Trusted Authority.

Does your Video Agency have a time-tested proven digital strategy?

At authenticWEB, we have a multi-stage video production and marketing strategy. Our first part for planning and collecting Video Case Stories is the Case Story Tackle Box. Your Video Case Stories, NOT Video Testimonials, will land you the biggest and best clients. That’s why you need a strategy around collecting the stories, shooting the videos, and producing a variety of videos.

Those videos will be used throughout the rest of your Videos. The rest of your videos will be planned through our trademarked video strategy, the Storyboard Blueprint. In this process, we will walk through your customers’ “scenes.” We will plan the videos for each of the scenes.

The real reason people will decide to take action because of your video is because of the situation. All of your videos will be produced to speak to the moments. This leads to big results from those videos.

Does your Video Agency have proven results? That’s the true test of the Top Video Production Company in Orlando.

While based in Orlando, authenticWEB is called on by the best companies throughout the United States.

Our videos helped one Digital Agency land over 6 figures of business in the first year.

The lawyer videos we have created has helped one law firm grow from a solo practitioner to a 10-person law firm in a few short years.

The Video Case Stories for one healthcare practice 4x’d their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

And here are some of our reviews from other clients.


Does your Video Agency know the science behind what video does?

Video is one of the most powerful forms of content that exists. Video has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

What does video do? How can video help your business grow and prosper? Read on for more information about what video can do for you.

  • Video stimulates an emotional response in people.
  • Humans can interpret MicroExpressions, which need to be captured on video
  • The Mere Exposure Effect in video causes people to feel like they are your friend before even meeting you
  • The False Attribution Error makes us think people will watch and take action on your videos because of who they are. The reason we take action from videos is because of the situation
  • Punctuated Equilibrium is looking for the “Tipping” Points in # and length of videos
  • Videos are about Algorithms. Our Video Production Experts are constantly studying the YoTtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Algorithms. This helps to get your videos more traffic.

Does your Video Company have incredible Animation Capabilities?

AuthenticWEB Video Agency was co-founded by Jessica Curry Garlic (You read that right). Jessica has worked in animation and production for Nickelodeon, Disney, and Miramax.


Is your Video Content being produced with Direct Response Copywriting methodologies?

Direct Response Copywriting is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there, and video is one of the most powerful mediums for Direct Response copywriting. Look at the most successful ads of all time. They are based in direct response copywriting. Our video production agency trains all of our video experts in direct response copywriting. Ongoing marketing education is one of our 5 core values at authenticWEB.

Does your video production agency have the best interviewers who know how to find your stories?

Finding the story and getting the emotions out is what our video experts eat and breathe. Our video team knows how to pull out those stories. Our team will evoke the emotions.

Our video production team loves to try and get people to cry, to laugh, and to tell amazing stories on video.

Creating a plan for all types of video production

Planning to shoot all types of videos at once does two things. First, people consume different types of videos so we can get them to watch more of your videos.

Second, the more videos you produce, the more those videos work together to improve your marketing for your business.

The Best Video Process for Your Business

An Entire Process for Creating Authentic Videos that is Easy and Super Effective

We have a video production process that is easy and super effective at creating videos for just about any business.

  1. Our Process starts with knowing your goals
  2. Our Video Team will evaluate your business and online presence
  3. Our Video Strategist will go through our Video Story Collection and Strategy, the Storyboard Blueprint
  4. Our Video Coordinator plans the shoots
  5. Our Video Team will execute a documentary style video shoot (No need to memorize scripts)
  6. Our Video Postproduction Team will edit, add logos, animations, motion graphics, and B-Roll as needed
  7. Our Video Marketing Experts will work with other experts to ditributes your videos as needed

Authentic Videos for Your Business

Authentic Videos for your Business will help you stand out and be remembered.

In video marketing, authenticity is key.

You can tell when a video was made by someone who knows what they’re doing and who cares about your business or cause. In fact, studies show that authentic videos increase customer trust in the brand being advertised by up to 60%.

Our proprietary authentic video process works to create beautiful, professional but authentic videos that allow your video marketing to be effective.

Trust the Video Production and Video Marketing Experts at authenticWEB

Few, but not all, filmmakers, video production experts, or videographers know marketing. Very few Video Production Companies are true experts in video marketing. You could end up spending $10,000 or more on a single video that’s “movie quality,” but does nothing. Our video agency clients easily 2x their investment in the first year. The videos we create will last for years giving you a 10x+ return on your video marketing investment.

Video Marketing Results that CAN’T be Measured.

Measuring some video results is easy. Our digital marketing team can measure video views, video clicks, and clicks from the videos. It’s kind of scary how highly targeted we can get with video.

The best video marketing results are the ones that can be measured

“Clients walk in the door and they feel like I’m their friend.”

When your perfect clients and customers come in through the door presold on working with you, there’s no better feeling. Video makes you the friend, and the expert, to your audience.

Video builds your authority.

Building your authority through video is a great way to build trust. When you build trust through video, you will enjoy your business so much more.

Businesses that use video now will become the unstoppable authority.

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