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From Orlando to New York to San Francisco, authenticWEB assists small businesses across the US reach their goals. By focussing on SEO rich content and not just single keywords, authenticWEB SEO can boost your Google ranking for thousands of search terms. Our consistent success with attorneys, doctors, and other small business professionals has earned us industry awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

I am incredibly pleased with how the website is working. I can say without equivocation that you all are meeting my expectations.

Brent Mayr, Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Don’t Just Attract More Clients, Attract the Right Clients

SEO done correctly for small businesses will attract your ideal clients with a ROI that far exceeds TV, print, radio, or any other medium. Our unique SEO process targets your ideal clients and puts you in a position to convert more prospects into customers. We understand the nuances of SEO for businesses and can craft custom strategies for your office or firm. Don’t let an SEO company lump you into a generic SEO campaign!

Attract the Right Clients

Our internet sales are up 10x over our previous internet sales since authenticWEB has taken over our program.

Bob Christie, Christie’s Photographic Studios

Video is often overlooked as an SEO Tool

Video: An Often Overlooked SEO Tool

Did you know that YouTube is actually the #2 search engine behind Google? If you don’t have an effective video marketing strategy then you are missing one of the most content rich methods to improve SEO for your business. Engaging video by authenticWEB effectively tells the story of your business, connecting you with your ideal clients and boosting your rankings.

The results exceeded our expectations. I am so pleased with authenticWEB and refer them often to associates.

Claire Wright, Swim N’ Fun

SEO is NOT Dead!

Effective SEO for businesses is built from a combination of powerful search terms, effective web design, and video technique. authenticWEB’s SEO strategies will bring your business new clients, make you an authority, provide you credibility, and give you great insight as to what your customers are searching for. Contact us today and learn how we can help you conquer Google and achieve success online.

SEO is important for any business, by our winning combination we make your business the authority.